30 Facts About Me

  1. I’m from the coast of Mississippi
  2. I’m a sophomore in college
  3. I go to the University of Southern Mississippi (SMTTT!!!)
  4. My major is Speech Language Pathology & Audiology
  5. My boyfriend’s name is Alden & we’ve been together now for almost 5 years ❤
  6. I’m in a sorority – $5 to the person who can guess which one! {hint: look at my laptop, HA}
  7. I’m Licensing Chairman for my sorority
  8. I have a majorrrrr Dr. Pepper addiction!
  9. My blog used to be called Magnolia Doll Blog, but I changed the name because it was getting too confusing with our boutique and I wanted them to be separate!
  10. I love to paint but I’m taking a break from it so I can focus on school, the boutique, and my blog
  11. I could eat Mexican food every single day for the rest of my life
  12. The best trip I have ever been on was to Banff, Canada
  13. I hate chocolate.
  14. Frosted Coconut Snowball is my favorite Bath and Body Works scent
  15. I have two doggies- Scout and Winnie
  16. Both my doggos are rescues from the shelter
  17. I love the colors yellow and pink
  18. Mike and Ikes are my all-time favorite candy
  19. My favorite Disney character is Olaf
  20. My favorite sport to watch is baseball {because my boyfriend plays, hehe}
  21. I was born in Orlando, FL
  22. I played volleyball and softball in high school
  23. I’m super close with my family
  24. Cheese pizza is my favorite kind
  25. I’m one of the pickiest eaters in the world
  26. I live in my sorority’s house at USM
  27. I am currently watching the Saints crush the Colts #WhoDat
  28. My favorite Starbucks drink is their Blueberry Tea with lemonade instead of tea… so basically blueberry lemonade LOL
  29. I’m pretty short – 5’2″
  30. I just finished my 3rd semester of college with ALL A’s!!! Go me!!

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