Banff | Alberta, Canada

Last Christmas, my entire family took a trip to the town of Banff, Alberta in Canada. And WOW, folks. let me just tell you… Canada is GORGEOUS! I’d seen snow in places like NYC, but I had never experienced anything quite like Banff in the wintertime. It truly was a winter wonderland!

The fact that it has taken me a year to write this blog post is absolutely ridiculous, LOL — but I was transitioning between website domains and blog names. So, here it is. My travel log from Banff.

Where we stayed: The Juniper Hotel

This cozy little place was up on the top of a beautiful snowy hill. It was a nice hotel– our room was a little tiny but it fit me, my brother, and my parents. My aunt and uncle’s room was a little bigger, but the bathrooms in all of the rooms were pretty small. The Juniper has its own restaurant with an incredible view of the Banff mountains. I wasn’t a huge fan of the food (I’m an extremely picky eater, though) and it was pretty pricey. Restaurant aside, we definitely enjoyed our stay!

What We Did

We did some pretty amazing things on this trip– most of them once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Our itinerary included dog-sledding (my personal favorite), snowmobiling, and tubing.


Dog-sledding was my favorite because, well… Dogs. These arctic beasts were literally the most beautiful animals I have ever seen! It was such an awesome experience for my entire family.

We used the company Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours — The people were super nice and the dogs were beautiful. I highly recommend!


Snowmobiling was also a lot of fun– but really nerve-wracking. I got roped into driving one somehow and I was freaking out. But I am proud to report that I was one of the only people that didn’t flip their snowmobile!!


Tubing was also a blast! I love rollercoasters and anything thrilling like that so tubing was definitely right up my alley. Brinkley, my cousin who was (I think) 5 at the time, wasn’t a huge fan but the rest of my family loved it!

We didn’t take any pictures of this, but trust me– it was awesome.

In conclusion– I HIGHLY recommend taking a trip to Banff. We had the best time and I wish I could remember more details to share with y’all, but these are what I had from my camera roll. I promise to be more prompt with my posts next time I travel, LOL.

Thanks for reading!

XOXO – Kendall

One thought on “Banff | Alberta, Canada

  1. Wow, just look at how insanely amazing Banff is in winter. Having lived in Ireland for nearly two decades now, I miss proper winters with heaps of snow and ice skating! Would love to go back to Canada to get the feel of it. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely festive season 😊 Aiva


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